iPad Applications

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and remarked it as a magical device, several folks snickered. Silly folks. Most iPad homeowners can tell you that it will indeed inspire the sort of astonishment you would possibly have felt whereas watching your initial magic show — that's, if the device is correctly loaded.

Indianapolis 500

Sunday morning at the indianapolis in Central Indiana the skies partly sunny and the wather is warm.It`s a very nice day for the 100th-anniversary edition of the indianapolis500,after one week in rain,cold and tornado.

Vitamin D

What are the nutritional needs, young women want? Young women in particular should ensure they consume enough calcium, vitamin D and iron, and adequate intake of calories to support energy and nutritional needs of your body to function properly.

For the sake of Satisfaction 'Love', Hugh Hefner Relax Hearing

Everything that is consumed in excess often brings a negative impact for those who consume, especially if consumed is a kind of medicine. As in the case of Hugh Hefner on this one. Too many turns taking Viagra can damage the body.

Hillary Clinton Aims Outstanding Issues World Bank

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, denied that he targeted the position of President of the World Bank next year. The position was being acted former Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, who will retire in mid 2012.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Twitter Testing New Features

Twitter is reportedly testing a feature on their official application. This feature displays the data analysis chirp transmitted directly from the user.

By knowing the analysis of data, so users can determine whether the booms were made popular or not. Data analysis includes things like Impression, Retweet, to click on the link that was distributed.

As reported by TheVerge, this is still an experimental feature limited and not available to all users.

Those who caught this test will detect the "View Details Analytics" in every tweet they send.

If clicked, it will display the analysis of data taken from the platform analytics.twitter.com. In the platform, in addition to the data analysis, available also functions to promote tweet (pay).

The Twitter did not comment on the features that are still experimental.

10 Destructive Habits of Male Fertility

Although not all of infertility or fertility disorder of unknown cause, there are several factors that allegedly could reduce fertility, such as medicine, the environment, disease, to disorders of the reproductive organs.

Some specific habits are also known to decrease the number and quality of sperm. For example cycling, which can put pressure on the testes, which produce sperm section. Pressure on the penis will cause numbness and impairs the ability of erection.

Here are 10 things that can interfere with male fertility.

1. Smoking
It is one of the bad habits that lead to male infertility. The nicotine content in cigarettes and tobacco damage sperm and reduce the amount.

2. Weight
Weight loss also needs to be a major concern. Not only be bad for overall health, excess weight can affect fertility as well. Obesity triggers abnormal hormonal changes that cause infertility.

3. Stress
Stress called many experts reproduction as factors causing fertility problems. In some cases, stress can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

4. Gadgets
Now the gadget is almost inseparable from our lives. However, the habit of putting the gadget on your lap for a long time can be bad for male fertility. Gadgets, especially laptops, providing heat in the testicles that can damage sperm.

5. Steroids
To get a muscular body shape, not infrequently men using instant ways, namely by injecting streroid. In fact this is one of the triggers unexpected infertility.

6. Take a hot bath
Hot bath may provide a sense of comfort and relax, but also trigger infertility. This is because hot water will damage the sperm of the testes. Research has shown regularly sit in the sauna also provide the same effect.

7. Radiation mobile phone
Men tend to often put his cell phone in his pants pockets. Though the radiation from mobile phones can affect the testicles and gradually will lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

8. Alcohol
Alcohol reduces the production of testosterone and therefore contributes to a decrease in sperm count.

9. Tight Pants
Tight underwear makes sense heat affect testicular sperm count and fertility.

10. Drugs
People who are addicted to drugs, such as marijuana, are more likely to experience a decrease in sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

Do not Make Only One Type Sports

Certain sports are often not just a routine, but has been a hobby. Although no one likes one kind only, but should exercise performed with varying types. Why is that?

According to Grace Tumbelaka specialist sports, exercise must be varied to train the entire body of motor skills. This means that when people only do one type of exercise alone, the motor skills of trained only on certain parts.

"For example, running, indeed can gain by doing a fitness routine, but only trained leg muscles. Unlike when combined with cycling, someone also benefit balance training," he explained.

Grace suggested that someone could do a variation on the exercise was doing. For example, in one week, the one-time run, two-way, and twice cycling.

Grace explained, option exercise can be determined each individual with interests and existing facilities. But the signs are important is to choose the type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise option to keep in shape. Even if done with measurable and focused, sport can provide a therapeutic effect healing.

Character of aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or aerobics. "Even if able to do so, skipping (jumping rope) and climbing could also be an option," he concluded.


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